What’s your cup of tea?

An artist’s choice of medium, style, and type of work they are compelled to create is based on how they want to convey their ideas visually to an audience. Each student has chosen a specific body work to develop for the Future Echoes exhibition that is represented by their choice of medium, application, techniques, and ideas. It doesn’t matter if you prefer drawings, paintings, collage, photography, digital work, or interactive art because this years senior art show will have it all!


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Cure the Curiosity!

The MCLA senior art students are preparing for our big show at Gallery 51, April 30th! Do you wonder what it means to be an art student? Get to know us! The time we spend in the studio is essential to our creative growth. We learn from our professors and share ideas with our class mates! Continue to look for our blog posts and like our page on Facebook to get a sneak peak of our preparations for the Future Echoes exhibition!

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